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Sybil's Bakery NYC - Since 1976

Sybil’s Bakery NYC is a family owned business that has been serving New York city communities for over four decades. We specialize in a variety of Guyanese and Caribbean bakery products, breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, snacks, beverages, and condiments. We use only the finest in ingredients and take pride in prodicing optimum service to each and every customer that walks through our doors or places an online order.

Freshly Baked Bread, Rolls, Buns

Guyanese plait bread, pan bread, tennis rolls, butter flaps, white eye buns, and more.
Made with simple premium ingredients using traditional Guyanese techniques. 

We've Got The Crust

Halal chicken and beef along with pine, guava, coconut, and other fillings
set inside a delicious crust. Be sure to try our Guyanese and Jamaican patties,
pine tarts, guava tarts, Chinese (blackeye) cakes, cheese rolls, currant rolls, and more.

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